Top Proven Health Benefits of Garlic


Garlic is believed to have originated from from middle Asia though others say that garlic originated from west China.

Benefits of garlic


Garlic is in the same family with onions and the health benefits and content of nutrients in Garlic are very many.

Garlic family: Amayllidaceae
Species: Onion
Genus: Allium

There is no clear information as to when garlic was first discovered since some readers and writers say that Egyptians and Indian Cultures refered to Garlic 5000years but still others say China had started using it earlier.

History says that Egyptians used to worship Garlic and also Egyptians used to apply Garlic in their foods to feed and pay slaves in the great Pyramid.

It is also believed that Egyptians were using Garlic in warding off of the devil’s attacks.

Anciently,Garlic was administered to provide strength and increase for those who were doing vigorous activities.

Health benefits of Garlic are very many and we shall explain some down here.

Blood pressure balance. The allicin content in the garlic powder or fresh garlic, helps to control mild worsening heart preptation.

Garlic can help to boost human body immunity. The alliin content in garlic can best help the body immunity against different kinds of diseases like common colds,flu, inflammatory infections,and sometimes health diseases.

Garlic helps to lower the amount of cholesterol accumulation in the body. Garlic when crushed or eaten flesh, can help the body to eliminate cholesterol agents that would turn into highblood pressure, obesty and un necessary body overweight.

Garlic helps to lower the chances of getting obesty and un necessary body weight. Garlic helps the body to convert the food that would result into body over weight,to turn it into nergy.

Garlic helps to heal the mouth bad odour in humans. Regular eating of garlic, can help in maintaining of good of good mouths.

Garlic can be used in the treatment of fungal infections. When garlic is crushed, it forms paste mix the paste with any oily liquids and apply in the affected area and leave it to dry for something like 2 to 3 hours then after you leance the fungal will eventually go.



Appetite boosting. In humans sometimes people who lose their appetite for food, when they get garlic powder and mix with ghee or milk for some time,the appetite will resume quickly.

Candidiasis treatment. Garlic can help treat and completely heals the growth and development of candidiasis in humans. Regular addition of garlic in daily food and dishes, can help heal and eliminate candidiasis.

Covid-19 management. The presence of Vitamin C in garlic, it helps to reduce worse effects of Covid19. It is also believed that when garlic paste is mixed with other elements and drunk, it can help in the prevention and treatment of coronalvirus.


Garlic is a disinfectant. The piercing smell in Garlic, can help to kill infections and also protect the area around aginst diseases.

Cancer cell treatment. Chopped Garlic mixed with warm water and honey if regularly taken,it can kill and reduce the effects of cancer cells in the body.