Tips on how to Prevent Cracked heels and Hands


How can we Prevent Cracked Heels?

Top ways how to fix cracked Heels and Hands “remedy for cracked heels”
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Given below are the steps that you can use to prevent cracked heels from happening:
1, Instead of using hot water, start using warm water. Avoiding showers and baths can make the cracked skin even worse.
2, Start limiting your time in the shower to prevent moisture loss
3, Apply either a cream, lotion, or a moisturiser immediately after taking a shower or a bath. American Academy of Dermatology suggests that ointments work better compared to a cream or a lotion after the bath. A moisturiser or a balm containing the following will work better in soothing the dry skin: lactic acid, urea, glycerin, lanolin, petrolatum, and mineral oil.

Top ways how to fix cracked Heels and Hands “remedy for cracked heels”
Top ways how to fix cracked Heels and Hands “remedy for cracked heels” Getty image

4,While it is essential to keep dry skin neat, clean and healthy and prevent it from getting any infections, it is also essential to use a mild soap. Harsh soaps can dry skin even more than they already are. A gentle cleanser helps your feet retain the moisture. Skin products containing alcohol, fragrance, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy are considered too harsh for your skin and can cause the skin to lose the natural oils.
5,You should start wearing shoes with closed heels which provides cushioning to the heels. Shoes with thin soles, ill-fitting, or are open-heeled cause more damage to the skin. By wearing socks and having soles in the shoes you can protect the sensitive part of your feet and the tissues in your heels.


Cracked Heels are not a cause of worry as a whole and will not cause you pain if you prevent them from growing. But Cracked Heels can become a hassle, especially when walking barefoot. No matter which age group you belong to, cracked heels can happen any time and taking care of your feet is a must.
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