The Top Best sleeping positions and what they mean to your Body




Sleep is a resting process for all living things and even this is very important for human health. When we sleep, responsiveness will definitely decrease because some organs are at rest. In fact, humans spend a third to sleep and rest a few hours to regain body stamina.


After above we know what sleep is in general, now we will also know what sleep is according to experts such as:

Sleep is an unconscious state in which a person can still be awakened by giving sensory stimuli or by other stimuli (Guyton & Hall, 1997).

Sleep is a period of normal and normal loss of consciousness (Lannywati, 2001).

Sleep is a physiological process that cycles alternately with a longer period of waking (Potter & Perry, 2005).

Sleep is an unconscious state that causes an individual’s reaction to the environment to decrease even disappear (Wahid and Nurul, 2007).

In addition to the notion of sleep, there are also some terms that we need to know about sleep, namely:

1. Pradormitium is a transitional phase when still conscious towards sleep. In this phase, we are usually still conscious and can hear the sounds around.

2. Postdormitium is the opposite of pradormitium. This is a transitional phase during sleep to regain consciousness. Most people do not realize that they are going through this phase.

3. Somnologie is a medical science that specifically studies sleep disorders.
Now that we know some of the definitions and terms about sleep, now we need to know various positions that are good and not good for health. Before explaining about a good sleeping position, please note that health conditions can be worse if someone does not sleep in the right position. Proper sleep position must be adjusted to one’s health condition.

One problem that can occur if you do not get a good sleep position is low back pain and exacerbate existing pain. The important thing to note is to maintain the natural curve of the spine when lying in bed.
Therefore, everyone must ensure that the head, shoulders and hips are aligned when sleeping.

A good sleeping position is usually done by sleeping on your back and in some cases, many people are uncomfortable sleeping on their backs because it makes them snore. Basically, everyone sleeps differently, but there are a variety of choices for good sleep positions and a variety of ways to reduce pain experienced.
Here are some sleep positions that are good for health :

1. Sleeping position sideways / tilted

Good sleeping position can actually affect brain health. Sleep is also useful for removing waste from the brain more optimally than when you are awake.

The correct sleeping position and is believed to support limah waster from the brain is a sideways position. The further positive effect is reducing the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
Sideways sleeping position is considered a good position to reduce snoring or snoring during sleep.

The Top Best sleeping positions and what they mean to your Body
The Top Best sleeping positions and what they mean to your Body

Side-sleeping is also highly recommended for pregnant women, and is considered good for those who suffer from acid reflux disease or sleep apnea. However, this sleeping position is not recommended for those who experience neck pain and back pain.

2. Supine sleeping position with the body straight

The next good sleeping position is on your back. Sleeping on your back makes your spine, neck and head rest in a neutral position. This sleeping position does not create excessive pressure on the body and is also useful for preventing gastric disease.

Apart from gastric ailments, correct sleeping position is also useful for preventing wrinkles on the face. But sleep on your back is not recommended for sufferers of sleep apnea or those who have a habit of snoring.
How to sleep for this position only requires one pillow and sleep on your back with a straight leg position and make sure the mattress conditions support to do this position.

This sleep position is useful for lower back pain, especially those suffering from spondylolisthesis, a condition in which one of the vertebrae shifts from its normal position and leaning forward to cover the underlying bone. In general, this disorder occurs in the lower back.

3. Curled up sleeping position

For people who have a herniated disc, a condition where the cushion between the spine experiences a shift from its original position and causes pressure on the spinal nerves, a good sleeping position that can be done is to apply sleep like the fetal position.

Curling up like a fetus can bring relief at night. Lying on your side with your knees tucked in your chest can reduce the bending of the spine and help open the joints.

4. Sleeping position with a pillow under the stomach

This sleeping position can be done for those of you who have difficulty sleeping. Placing a thin pillow under the abdomen and hips can help improve spinal alignment.

The Top Best sleeping positions and what they mean to your Body
The Top Best sleeping positions and what they mean to your Body

This sleeping position can also be beneficial for people with hernias or degenerative diseases. This good way to sleep can be done by placing a thin pillow under the abdomen and hips to lift the middle. In addition, use a flat pillow for the head.

5. Position the pillow under the knee

For those of you who experience back pain and like to sleep on your back without a pillow on the head, the correct sleeping position is to place a pillow under the knee. Lie straight on the bed, then place a pillow under the knee joint and keep your spine straight.

The pillow is useful for maintaining the curve in the lower back. This position makes the body weight will be spread evenly, so it is not burdensome at just one point.

6. Sleeping position with arms up

This sleeping position is recommended for those of you who have back problems. In addition, this sleeping position is also useful for preventing acne and wrinkles on the face.

However, this position risks making the increase in stomach acid and make someone snore. The arm up can also create pressure on the nerves in the shoulder. Effects of Sitting too long and how to sit Correctly

Thus some sleep positions that have an impact on health. Good luck for your health.