Proven health benefits of Jackfruit


First of all do you know what Jackfruit is ?

Scientific name:. Artocarpus heterophyllus


Kingdom:. Plantae

Family:. Moraceae


Jackfruit is said to have originated from Malaysia though some scholars say that it originated from Ghat regions of India .

Jackfruit can be grown in different climatic regions and does not segregate the nature of soils that could be the reason Why Jack fruit is very common in very many different parts of the world.

Jackfruit is found in almost all Continents of the World.

The natural appearance of Jackfruits varries according to the common environment where it grew from. However, Jackfruits grow in any season be it rainy or Sunny. Being that jackfruit grows in any climatic regions,it makes it a common fruit throughout the year.

The jackfruit tree grows at vertical height of around 2 metres , The nature of the tree has a thick, grey like or brown tree with dark green leaves depending on the season of the year.

The fruit of jackfruit is made up of four different components that is ;fruits, seeds, thick sap and a fresh inside part.

The fruit of jackfruit

The main four parts are well explained below.

The arils(the fruit is commonly eaten); the arils can be pink, yellow, brown,orange,or purple depending on the type and species. The arils are always white or grey when not ripe. Or when the fruit is young.

The thread like projections. These are the commonly white or grey. This part helps to provide proper spacing among the arils.

The fresh,white, yellow or orange stuff which is located in between the arils from all sides. This is very the part which bides the fruit together and forms an attachment of the outer skin with the arils. This part also provides an attachment of the fruit to the tree trunk.

Seeds. Seeds of Jackfruit may change colours to brown, yellow, pink,. or red depending on the species. The seeds of Jackfruits are also eaten when roasted, fried, or when baked. The seeds are made of 3 parts which and are of very high nutrients too.

Health eye sights;  When you eat powdered seeds of Jackfruits regularly, it contains vitamin A which is good for eye sight health and proper functioning of the eye.

Digestive tract problem: Jackfruit seeds have microbial elements which help in proper food movement and also used medicine in treatment of some digestive tract infections.

Good hair ,nails and bones: The calcium and potassium in jack fruits are good elements in the strengthening of bones and good consumption of Jackfruits is loaded with many advantages.

Traditional local medicine: The roots of jackfruit can be locally used to make local herbs that treat disease like asthmatic infections in most African countries.

Jackfruit prevents anaemia. Jackfruit contain alot of vitamins, minerals like iron which helps to maintain the body without losing blood. So regular consuming ofJackfruits helps to avoid loss of blood.


Blood sugar balance: Jackfruits contain minerals which help to maintain and balancing of blood glucose which in the process prevents growth of obesty.

Helps to prevent depression, stress and self denial. Jackfruits has a content which helps to lessen the accumulation of fear, depression in human.

Gives energy and strength to the body: The natural sugars found in Jackfruits can be easily digested which in turn gives the body strength and fast energy.

Timber production: The jackfruit tree being one of the largest fruit trees in the World,it can produce good timber that are used to make furniture.

Heart health. The potassium present in Jackfruits can help in the normal functioning of the heart.

Health benefits of Jackfruits