Proven Benefits of Papaya (pawpaw) to our health


Papaya are also called pawpaws

Papaya is a fast growing tropical fruits tree which bears edible cylindrical , green, red, yellow, purple or pink fruits when not ripe but also changes to either orange , brown or yellow when they are ripe.


Pawpaw or Papaya are said to have originated from the tropics of Central America and others say from South Mexico.

Other sources have it that pawpaw were first discovered in Panama forests in the early 16th century from where it spread to to Asia in 1550 by A legendary man called Spaniards.

English name: pawpaw/ papaya
Scientific name: Canica papaya
Family: Caricaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Species: Canica papaya

Health composition of papaya
Papaya contains the food benefits below:
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin K

Papaya also contains the following,


The health benefits of a pawpaw are contained in the whole plant right from the roots to the leaves. All parts of a paw paw are of great health importances (roots, bark, leaves, fruits, peels, seeds,and it’s veins)

Health importance of papaya are going to be explained in a mixed order from the roots to the seeds.

Pin worm treatment. When the roots of papaya are chopped and boiled, then start taking the extract from the roots in intervals ,it can help to eliminate the abdominal pin worms from the body .

Treatment of cough and colds. The leaves of papaya when roasted and pounded to get powder when the powder is mixed with some salt then you start leaking in intervals,in 3 to 5 days,cough will be no more.

Acts as a pain killer. Seeds of papaya help in the treatment and relieving pain in women during Menstruation. Get some seeds boil and drink the juice in intervals during menstrual periods those who feel pain ,it will completely go.

Eye health. Pawpaw contain vitamin A which is very vital in eye sight treatment and protection of the eye against blondness and any other eye infections. The vitamin A is found in the pawpaw fruits.

Better heart health. Regular eating of papaya,can help in sieving of blood which helps to relieve the heart of the too much Force it would use to pump the blood which can eventually promote good health of the heart.

Good for kidney health. The potassium present in the pawpaw when consumed regularly and in rightful amounts,it can help in mantenance of the kidney health by protecting the kidney against kidney diseases.

Burn treatment. The sap of papaya when collected and applied on the burnt site,it relieves the pain and prevents more development of the bruises.

Treatment of toothache. The sap from the pawpaws can be used in the treatment of toothache by applying of some small amounts in the regions where you feel the pain.

Treatment of boil and ulcers.
The sap of pawpaw when applied on the area where you feel there might be development of a boil ,the boil will not continue.

Ulcers and some wounds treatment. The sap of the Papaya when collected in a clean container and be applied on the wound in intervals, In a few days ,you will start noticing the wound is healing.

Skin treatment. The sap of the Papaya is good in keeping the skin to look health.Get the sap collected in a clean container and regularly apply on the skin and leave the sap to dry for a while then cleanse you will notice there’s good results in the skin appearance.

Seeds of papaya help in promoting weight loss. The seeds of papaya prevents the body digestive tract from taking in of fats which facts might result in unnecessary body weight.

Helps to avoid constipation. The fibre or roughages present in papaya helps to speed up the digestion and smoothening or lubricating the digestive tract which completely helps to avoid constipation in humans.