Home remedy for Armpit Itching


Armpit ; armpit is the hollow area where the shoulder bone joins with the body slightly above the upper ribs and they form what we call #clarvick# or the chest box.

We want to look at the basic common causes of armpit itching and after we shall give the immediate remmedy to the causes of the armpit itching.


Sweats. Sometimes the body might over secrete a mixture of water, sugar, salt and other body refuse which sometimes attract other germs to come and feed on which in the process turn to the skin hence resulting into itching of the skin under the arm.

Tight clothing . In some cases arm itching can be a result of wearing very squeezing clothes which do not give space to such body areas to freely exchange the air.

Allergies. Some people’s skin do react to different environment especially to water used . Like when someone visits a new place and uses water of the new place , the body reacts and in that way the skin will normalise.

Fungal infections. Itchy arm pit can result from some fungal disease like pimples, ringworms.

Dirty conditions. Some people who suffer arm pit itching diseases, have a weakness of not bathing well which leaves some germs on their body.

Underlying hair growth. There are cases when the armpit might itch due to the growth of the skin under the skin and doesn’t come out properly which results into something similar to a boil or pimple.

Smearing jelly. Sometimes the jelly that some people use, might result into an itch of the arm pit.

Blunt shaving instruments. When some one shaves using a blunt instrument that can’t shave clearly, it leaves some small rashes that eventually cause itching.

Too much hair under the arm pit. Sometimes too much hair might result into itching of the arm pit due bacteria that might hide under the hair to get refugee.

Shaving intervals. Regular and frequent cutting off of armpit pubic hair might over expose such regions to unfavorable conditions that itch the arm pit.

Sharing of clothes. Clothes shared with infected people might also be a big media through which some diseases are transfered .

Sharing of shaving instruments. When cutting instruments are infected from the first user and you share, it will definitely infect another person too .

Sign of another diseases. Sometimes armpit might bring some what of burning sensation because of another infection some where on the body especially on the very hand of the burning armpit.

Skin diseases.Sometimes some skin diseases might be among the causes of of the arm pit itch .