Benefits of Cucumber plant 🥗 to our health


Cucumber is a cylindrical edible fleshy creeping fruity plant of the gourd plant family which is said to have originated from Southern Asia and currently cultivated in many different areas of the World.

Cucumber is said to have Originated from India from where it spread to China, North Africa, South Europe.



Cucumber is said to have been domesticated by Indians 3000 years and more ago .

Cucumber is 95% water content and 5% fibre content proven scientifically. For that matter, it makes cucumber an ideal food to keep the body hydrated especially during summer seasons.

Cucumber grows in fertile soils with plenty of light and it also grows in loose well drained soil. After germination, Cucumber takes (49 _ 69)days .

Below are the health benefits of cucumber in humans.
1, Borne and hair formation and cucumber has elements which help in hair replacement and help in borne repairing and borne growth

2. Helps in treatment of hypertension and other heart diseases . Eating cucumber has got very many good things in it of which among the many good things, it can also help in reducing the risks of heart diseases like heart perpetration and high blood pressure as it balances the pressure at which.

3. Helps in conversion of food materials into carbohydrates and energy for the cucumber helps in breaking food very fast and helps in converting cucufood materials into energy which is required by the body.

4. Helps the body to absorb foods like proteins and also helps in controlling of cucumber in its nature contains alot of water and a certain percentage of fibre which helps in the smooth movement of food hence helping in reduction of constipation.

5. Helps in the treatment of oral , throat, and all mouth . Scientific research has shown that if a person regularly eats or drinks Cucumber can completely reduce or heal the problem of oral infections, and treats mouth and throat bad odour.

6. Helps in cancer treatment.

7. It detoxifies food and neutralize food eaten,  cucumber helps to kill some poisonous elements that are eaten in some food which helps greatly in aiding the functions of the liver.

8. Helps to reduce optical infection and aural factory infections. Cucumber contains too much water as earlier discussed, so this water helps to lubricate the eyes hence reducing the chances of eyes becoming sick and some parts of the nose.

9. Contains elements which are anti wrinkle and helps the body not to tear and growing older The content of cucumber helps to boost the body and helps the body not to develop wrinkles and prevents the body from over Christmas aging.

10. Contains elements which helps to prevent over weight which comes with very many problems. The water materials found in the cucumber, helps in slimming the body hence preventing the body from over weight.

11. Helps to treat intestinal infections. As it prevents frictions that comes during constipation. due to the presence of much water which can easily be concerted into intestinal fluids which helps to avoid intestinal diseases.

12. Helps to treat unwanted body fats which results into obesity as it contains no cholesterol elements which benefits the body from not acquiring unwanted body fats which results into unwanted body shape problems.

13. Cucumber helps in treatment of brain diseases. Cucumber helps in brain boosting and prevents unnecessary forgetting which comes as a result of aging.